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How to Prepare Your Work for Sale

Author: Mandy Singh

The better you prepare your work, the more likely you are to make a sale. Here are a few little pointers on decisions you'll need to make:

1. Which format? Common ebook formats include: HTML, PDF, RTF, TXT, LIT, PDB and other ebook formats. I recommend that you use PDF as your file format, as most Web users are familiar with the technology and free PDF readers are widely available.

2. Presentation: it pays to use a template to achieve a great looking and easy-to-read ebook. Microsoft users can find templates at Mac users who use Pages will find a variety of attractive templates included with their software.

3. Copyright: Digital Rights Management is a hot topic, but we really think it is an obstacle for independent artists. Our recommendation is that you place a statement in your work advising readers that it is protected by copyright: this is generally respected.

The Extra Mile

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About the Author:

Mandy Singh is an Internet entrepreneur specialising in promoting independent artists. With years of copywriting and business experience, Mandy likes to share her experience in to show like-minded creative people to use the best tools available to make their dreams materialise. Most recently, Mandy is working on the exciting new, a new platform for creative social networkers to see their wares to their networks.

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