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Here is a constantly updated list of links to sample artist statements from all over.

Here is a constantly updated list of links to sample artist statements from all over.
Here is a constantly updated list of links to sample artist statements from all over.

  • Need editor – i'm an artist in LES looking for a writer who can edit an artist statement and a bio for me. Doesn't need to be super elaborate but has to be professional sounding.
  • Dream House Installation Artist Statement | amy barrett – Dream House Installation Artist Statement. Published . at 1024 × 682 in Dream House · ← Previous Next → · Dream House Installation Artist Statement…/dream-house-installation-artist-st…
  • – “What is an artist? A provincial who finds himself somewhere between a physical reality and a metaphysical one….It's this in-between that I'm calling a province,
  • Dan Deacon: America – review
    In his artist's statement Deacon makes the point that touring in Europe for the first time made him feel truly American, despite being the sort of American who habitually eschews the corporatism and apple pie. He's part of Baltimore's Wham City arts
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    The Guardian
  • ARTIST STATEMENT ArnoldArtist StatementSince my preliminary year, my work has involved symbolic patterns of traditional and modernSamoan body art. In year 11 I began sketching…/ARTIST-STATEMENT—Arnold
  • What do you think of this painting and artist statement Concerning – Peregrine Honig, 'Bed of Roses'Artist's statement: I came to "Bed of Roses" because my body and wo.…/What_do_you_think_of_this_painting…
  • ARTIST STATEMENT – Threesquared – Emily Clayton: Studio Warmups. ARTIST STATEMENT. Studio Warmups began as an exploration of what transpires inside verses outside of the studio. While in…/CLAYTON-ARTIST%20ST…
  • Artist Statement | Denise PhilipbarArtist Statement. My work is about transformation. I love to make objects out of unexpected materials that become recognizable only upon closer inspection.
  • Suda House: Artist Statement: Aquarella – "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. She to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no
  • bryan holland arts: artist statementARTIST STATEMENT: Recently, I began working on a series of animal portraits based on photos that I'd taken at zoos or museums. These are combined with a
  • Seattle artist debuts mural painting camp – The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow – Music Videoby artists846,111 views · Artist's Statement 1:54. Watch Later Artist's Statementby charlotteyoung248,595 views · Autistic Artist 5:17. Watch Later Autistic Artistby scvw79351,351 views · Neil Gaiman
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  • Iranian-American Artist Eric Parnes Dreams of “Jeannie” in His Middle Eastern
    Parnes, whose work often applies Iranian iconography, text, textile, and ceramic patterns to incongruous mass-produced objects like soccer balls, deck chairs, or cars, coined the term “Neo Orientalism™” to describe what he calls in his artist's
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  • CD: Dan Deacon – America
    Dan Deacon's 'America' is mostly oblique and observational. America comes with an artist statement where Deacon says “I never felt American until I left the United States”. His third album digs into his “frustration, fear and anger towards the county
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  • Bonny Zanardi: 16 artists share 'FourSquared' show at Arc Gallery – In her artist statement she notes that portraits, the major part of her work, "incarnate the most representative archetypes of human condition." "From spirituality to propaganda, from lust to virtue, from loneliness to seduction, they become strong
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  • Video: Christian Siriano's Spooky, Sexy New Collection – Siriano said the collection was inspired by “bats and film noir,” and according to his artist's statement, “These flying demons of the night intrigue me with their creepy, dark, and dramatic presence…the intricate details of the veins and bone
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  • Buffalo River Photography Exhibit on Display at Cantrell Gallery
    “I have spent over 40 years hiking along the Buffalo and its surrounding mountains and valleys," says Caldwell in an artist's statement. "I have enjoyed this part of Arkansas probably more than any other part of the state. With these photographs I hope
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    In Arkansas
  • Roberta Trentin Photography: Artist StatementArtist Statement. All of my projects, ideas, and moments of creativity come from an encounter — not necessarily a physical rendezvous, but a coming together of
  • Artist Statement | NEW "Visions of Bay View: The Exhibit"Artist Statement Eveyline Hall 1890, BAY VIEW #1/1 Cottage on Glendale Ave., BAY VIEW #5 The Music Box Cottage circa 1890 Porch Culture IX & Woman's…/artist-statement-49_1_460….
  • artist statement (PDF) – Lucas DickersonArtist Statement. When I begin a series of work I come to a piece with a vague idea of what I hope to achieve, and immediately start working. After I have…/Dickerson_Lucas_ArtistStatement…