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“@#$%*! I’m an artist, not a writer!”

The art world these days is not what it used to be. Galleries these days require artist statements from all their exhibitors, to give a quick picture to buyers of what the artist is all about. Most artist’s first reaction is like that of our friend to the left. “How can I summarize in a few words what my art is all about? It’s from deep within me; I’m not sure I know myself where it comes from or what it means! Anyway, what business it it of theirs? My art should speak for itself!”

Cultivating CollectorsBut as far as the world of art business is concerned, it doesn’t. Gallery owners and agents need a short statement which will distinguish your work from others, without actually showing it. So like it or not, if you want to sell your art in today’s market, you need an artist statement. The news is not all bad. The statement is not only a tool for business, but can be a valuable aid in your own work. It requires that you examine yourself and your work deeply, in order to find out where you are coming from. This can be scary, but in the end such a self analysis can be a useful tool in knowing yourself, and some might say that is what real art is all about.

But how to begin? This site is your answer. Select from a wide variety of articles in the menu at right, or check out articles in the following categories:

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They will help you not only create your Statement, but also make your way in today’s art world, and balance your creative self with the necessities of the (gulp) business of art.

This site is evolving. Please let us know what else you would like to see on these pages. Drop me a line at and may the spirit of creativity be always with you!

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