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Ways to Positively Impact Other People By Artistic Creation

Author: MarkVictorHansen

Artistic creation is area where our contributions can outlive us.

This arena includes all the various art forms. The world of art is vast, including music, painting, singing, dancing, sculpting, architecture, crafts, etc.

Art in all of its forms can touch the human heart and leave an indelible impression that lasts for generations.

Today the world still marvels and wonders at the music of Mozart, Bach, and Pachelbel; the paintings of Rembrant and Van Gogh; the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright; the sculpture of Michelangelo; and the literature of Homer, Dumas, and Dickens.

In order to create a legacy at the highest level, you must become a well-known expert in your chosen art form and truly influence and touch others with your work.

Bring your soul into your work and leave your mark upon humanity.

Notice that it requires more than just creating the highest-quality art. It also requires that you become well known.

As you embark on becoming an artist, have the wisdom to create alliances with those who can bring your art into the world where a wide audience of people can become acquainted with it.

Become the best artist in your field. And then pick the best marketing person to assist in your legacy journey.

Art is created in the mind of the artist and made manifest in some physical form.

This physical form is capable of outliving the artist, and the impact it creates can continue on through generations yet to come. Being an artist in this way can give you access to living a life that outlives you.

As an artist, whether you simply "sing the song" and bring that music to one person or bring it to many people is your choice. Your "song" can be heard by few or many.

As an artist, how many will you choose to influence?

About the Author:

Mark Victor Hansen, best known as the co-creator of the 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' empire (which is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the best-selling non-fiction book series ever), is a walking success magnet! Between his books and speeches, Mark has helped countless millions of people become their very best. Visit Mark's 101 E-Book Library at

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The Impact of Environmental Artists in Artful Change for Green Artists

Author: Vikram Kumar

If you are an artist in any field of art, what is your personal goal for your talent? Would it be for fame? Would it be about mere expressions? Or would it be about making a difference? There is a saying that talents are given for the benefit of others, not for oneself. If you believe in this saying, you most likely use your talent to make a difference in your community.

Fortunately, there are artists who have the heart to organize with other artists for a cause. The cause could be anything from promoting health and supporting children to preserving the environment. Whatever the cause may be, the important thing is that artists are encouraged to express talents not just for the own satisfaction but also for the benefit of the community. With such an organization, there is a chance for change and awareness that makes the world a better place to live.

Organizing Environmental Artists

One organization that gathers artists for a cause is Artful Change. This organization includes a group of environmental artists, whose main goal is to deal with environmental issues. The activities of the Artful Change are geared towards environmental awareness, preservation, and the creation of green and clean environment.

With such goals in mind, environmental artists can express their talents and use their talents to help make the environment clean and green. Their talents could be in music, performing arts, visual arts, graphics, literature, and many others. With such varied talents available, the preservation of the environment for the next generation would surely be possible.

How Environmental Artists Can Help

The impact of our daily activities to the environment comes in little things. Throwing trash just anywhere builds an unclean environment. In the same way, little things that green artists can do will have a great impact in the environment.

Artful Change is packed with activities for environmental cause. Green artists who are good in the field of music can organize concerts and use the earnings from the concert for environmental activities. Also, Artful Change can facilitate programs for the poets. They can organize workshops on how to make readable and effective poetry. It could be about the importance of taking care of environment. Or they can target a specific topic like global warming. Painters can make murals that depict a certain environmental issue.

The Impact Is Rewarding

As a group of environmental artists, Artful Change can organize and facilitate just about any form of activity that would uplift the environment. They can make a huge impact to the environment even in the small things that they do. The important thing is there is impact. The talent is not just for personal use but also for the benefit of the community and even the world.

When green artists make use of their talents for a cause, there is true reward. The reward may be far more valuable than material things such as wealth or fame. It is making an environment that is fun and clean to live in. Plus, it is preserving the planet for the next generations. Those who understand such incomparable reward would surely find Artful Change a good place to join. Green artists would not just express their talents here. They would also make an impact in the world.

About the Author:

Artful Change is a place for environmental artists . In this organization, green artists can express their talents at the same time make an impact for the environment.

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Integrity: Essential to Effortless Creative Flow

Author: Valery Satterwhite

Copyright (c) 2009 Valery Satterwhite

"This above all; to thine own self be true." - William Shakespeare

What is integrity?

What does it mean to be in integrity?

If you look up the word "integrity" in the dictionary you will learn that it comes from the Latin word, "integer" which means "whole". Integrity is an unreduced or unbroken completeness, wholeness, totality, incorruptibility. It is an unimpaired condition and the quality or state of being complete and undivided. Integrity is found in a state of being who you are and, allowing others the same right.

When you are "in integrity" you are in alignment with who you are at your deepest core; your truth. In any area of your life where you struggle your thoughts and actions are out of integrity, you are not behaving in alignment with who you are.

"The voice within is what I'm married to. All marriage is a metaphor for that marriage. My lover is the place inside me where an honest yes and no come from. That's my true partner. It's always there. And to tell you yes when my integrity says no is to divorce that partner." - Byron Katie

To live in alignment, in integrity with who you are you:

Speak what you know to be true even if it may cause conflict. Ask for what you need and want from others. Behave according to your personal values. Make decisions based on what is true for you, not the beliefs of others. When you are in integrity with who you are, life flows seemingly effortlessly. When you are acting in ways that are not in alignment with your truth you don't feel good. You may be frustrated or upset. You may think less of yourself and beat yourself up over the choices you have made.

"But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?" - Albert Camus

You continue to create your experiences through the thoughts, emotions, choices and actions that you take. Be mindful of your daily thoughts. Are they in alignment with who you are? Be mindful of what words come after your sentences beginning with "I am". As an artist, for example, if you notice that you often say to yourself, "I'm not creative enough", then you are out of alignment. You are not in integrity with who you are. And it is in this state of being out of alignment that you feel that you are not enough.

I'll state it again because it is that important: You continue to create your experiences through the thoughts, emotions, choices and actions that you take. If your thought is "I'm not creative enough." then you will create more experiences of not being creative enough. When you notice a thought that is out of alignment turn it around. Change "I'm not creative enough." to "I'm a creative person in the process of creating.". Truth is, you are a creative person - albeit a creative person holding herself back at the moment with a misguided, out of integrity, thought. Be mindful of what you say to yourself and others. Be mindful whether or not those statements are in or out of alignment with who you are. Think and act in integrity with who you are and observe how your life transforms from one of struggle to creative flow.

Every day you make a bajillion choices. Stay in bed for another few minutes or get up and greet the day? Start or continue to work on your project or act upon a distraction? Fries or Salad? Go to the audition or stay home? Promote your work or give up because of 'the economy'? Plastic or Paper? Yes or No?

Choices require decisions. A state of indecision is a decision. Is there a decision you are about to make that might be in conflict with your integrity? How can you tell if a decision is out of integrity with who you are?

It's simple, really. Just ask yourself a few questions and you'll know whether or not the decision you made is in integrity with who you are.

How do I feel about the decision I just made? Do I think more or less of myself having made this decision? Is this decision based upon 'should' or 'supposed to' beliefs of others? Is this decision in alignment with my greater good? Who will I be having made this decision? "Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience a still, small voice says to us, 'Something is out of tune." - Carl Jung

If you genuinely care about what you create for your future and want to live in authenticity with who you are you must take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, decisions, actions and outcomes, which result in your experiences. Honor your soul with choices that are in integrity, in alignment with who you are.

Make sure your words and your actions are congruent. Know what you know. Know that you know what you know. Know that you know what you know what you know. And be true to that knowingness. Your internal wisdom. Your intuition. The Wizard Within.

"Integrity is what we do, what we say, and what we say we do." - Don Galer

Pay attention to what you say to yourself and others. Be mindful whether or not those statements are in or out of alignment with who you are. Think and act in integrity with who you are and observe how your life transforms from one of struggle to creative flow.

About the Author:

Valery Satterwhite is an Artist Mentor who specializes in empowering creative people in the visual and performing arts how to to create more profoundly, more prolifically, and more profitably. Valery spent years developing and implementing a proven unique "Inner Wizard" methodology to empower other creative people to express their full potential. To learn more go to . Get Free "Artist Resource/Marketing Directory" too!

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Be of Service and You’ll Achieve Artist Success!

Author: Greg Katz

We're caught in a world where time is money and extremely precious. It's difficult enough to figure out how to create art, run a business, and have a life but there's one more step we need to consider that will make running a business much easier. When we stand in service to others we create an exchange with the community and those we serve. This is not a call to go out and volunteer for every nonprofit that knocks on your door. I believe that when we are of service to our own community first we are given a huge advantage in the business arena. Remember charity begins at home.

One of the communities most artists belong to is an artist guild. If you go, how many times do elections come around and the board is scrambling to get someone, anyone who will give a year to serve. I can tell you from personal experience that serving on your professional organization's board is the best investment you can make in your business. It sets you aside from others in many ways and allows you to provide your vision for the organization and the art world.

When we make a commitment to serve we are making a statement to the world that we are firmly planted in our art business. We set an intention to succeed and lead with that example. As part of the leadership team you can keep your finger on the pulse of the community and realize skills you may never have recognized in yourself previous to that moment in time. You'll be included in marketing decisions, exhibition plans, education opportunities; all of these are things you can take and apply toward your own business.

Upon entering the coaching world I never had any intention of serving in a leadership position. Things change quickly and within six months I was part of the leadership team. That move led me to run for the board as Secretary and then I was asked to run for President of the organization. When you are given the opportunity to lead it's not just about guiding the organization, but creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and inclusion. You become known for more than just your artistic talents; you become multi-dimensional. The key is the more people you know and know you, the easier it becomes to run your business. Remember, word-of-mouth is still one of the strongest selling points we can hope for in the art community.

Take the opportunity to learn more about yourself and if you want create a work of art based on your leadership experience. Serving will provide you with insights into human nature you can't gather in any other manner. You get to make the leadership experience what you want it to be. It can either be an asset or a liability, that's your choice. Since we're in the business of building an artrepreneurial empire I'm guessing that you'll find the way that suits your personality and your style to help move your business and the art community you belong to forward in its mission.

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