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Have You Left Your Inner Artist Behind?

Author: Paula Atwell

Do you often feel depressed or bored? Does your daily routine get you down? Do you feel like you left a piece of yourself behind along the way?

This is not uncommon for adults, especially once you reach your forties or fifties. We get so caught up in our routines, going to work, paying bills, raising our children, that we leave part of ourselves behind, sometimes our best part.

When was the last time that you did something to nurture your creative side?

Do you ever take time for yourself, not just to pamper and relax, but to do some left-brain activities?

Escape from the routine by finding ways to revive your creative self. Creativity is a necessary part of our lives whether or not we have artistic talents. We use creativity at work and at home for most problem solving.

When you were young, did you enjoy painting and coloring when you didn't have to produce something specific? Our artistic muscles need to be stimulated from time to time just like our physical muscles. We all know that the best way to keep in shape is to exercise on a regular basis. Well, that is also true for your creative muscles. You need to exercise them every once in a while to keep them in tune.

What are some ways to exercise our creativity?

  1. Take a class at your neighborhood community center. Usually centers will offer short term workshops for people who are just learning.
  2. Go to a museum and take in some visual art.
  3. Read a good book.
  4. Take a nature walk.
  5. Do an art project with a child.
  6. Get together with friends and have a jewelry party

For more information on this topic, visit How to Find Your Inner Artist as an Adult for ideas and book suggestions.

About the Author:

I am the owner of a small gallery in Cleveland, Ohio called Lake Erie Artists Gallery and a Giant Squid on Squidoo.

Article Source: - Have You Left Your Inner Artist Behind?

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